How much do Seniors like Headshots?

I found the answer to this question very quickly.  Seniors Love headshots!  This shot of Zachary turned out to be one of his favorites from the session.  This seems to be true for every senior session that I have done this year.  They like all of the images but there’s something about the headshot that almost always ends up being their favorite.

If you’re not including headshots in your senior sessions, you may be missing out!

Senior Headshots

I guess this is a Headshot

Product Headshots

I was recently contacted to do some work in the studio for the 2017 Tallgrass Tour, an upcoming bike rally.  They wanted some images of the merchandise that will be offered at the rally.  If you have never tried shooting a white mannequin on a white background, you should try it sometime!

My First Real Selfie

I have been taking photographs of other people for a long time.  That’s the place I am most comfortable, behind the camera.  I was recently challenged to take a self portrait because after all, if you can’t take a photo of yourself that you like, how can you possibly take good photos of others?  Well guess what? I kind of like this one.

Professional Headshots

Anna’s Hunting Senior Portrait

We had an awesome time during Anna’s Senior Photo Shoot!  She was a natural in front of the camera which made my job quite easy.

This was my favorite shot of the session.  It was taken along the wooded trails at a local disc golf course.  Congratulations on your graduation Anna!

Senior Headshots

SpearsPhotos – McKayla


If you think your kids grew up fast, wait until you have grandkids. Wow!  My granddaughter, Mckayla, came by the house to finish getting ready for the annual “Father Daughter Dance”.  Of course I had to have her and Ruben step into the studio for a minute.



There was still plenty of awesome light after we finished up Jose & Brittney’s photo shoot Saturday.  One of my assistants, Tara, decided to step in front of the camera for a mini session.  Glad she did! #SpearsPhotos is now also

I have recently added a new domain name,  Still the same awesome site, just a different way to get there.  You can still use to get there, so no need to change any bookmarks or favorites.  The recently unveiled logo also adds a fresh new look.

Please visit my site and take a look around.  I am sure you will like it.


FREE Wallpaper from the 2010 Grand National Motocross Championships!

OK so, yah,  I know the Nationals in Ponca City were last summer.  As most of you are already aware, I do have a day job.  My plans for the future have nothing to do with brown trucks, packages or dogs chewing on my legs.  What they do hopefully hold is plenty of full time action photography featuring all things MX, AX and FMX.  If you order specific photos I will get them right to you.  The freebies are just kind of put out there whenever I get spare time, which is not often enough.

Click on the photo above to get to my site where you can check out and download some wallpaper!  Be sure and tell your buds and hit me up anytime on facebook, twittermyspace (does anybody really still use myspace?) or email me through my website.

Later, Monte

Justin Mize FMX Poster – Action Photography

Winter time if most definitely here, with a vengeance.  Outdoor action photography has hit an all time low for me lately.  Thank goodness for an occasional arenacross to satisfy my need for action photos!  The good news is that I have had some time to look over some images from last year.  I found this one of FMXer Justin Mize and decided to freshen it up a little.  Checking on printing some 18×24 posters of Justin.  If you might be interested in purchasing one let me know. If you have not yet visited his site, you need to!  Here is the link

There are a couple of arenacross events that I plan on attending soon.  The AMA Arenacross Series visits Wichita, KS March 5th & 6th.  Guaranteed good time!  There will also be an Arenacross in Enid, Oklahoma on April 16th.  It should be similar to the one held at the Lazy E Arena earlier this year. 

See You Soon! Monte